At SPONS you can attend swim practices several times a week under the guidance of experienced coaches/competitive swimmers. In addition to training in the water, there is also a dryland practice on Monday evenings to improve your strength in and outside of the pool.

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SPONS participates in competitions such as the Dutch Student Swimming Competition, the NSZK, a student swimming competition held four times a year in a different student city each time. This is a weekend with a pre-party, competition and big theme party! In addition, SPONS organizes its own club championships every year. Any member, of any level, can participate in these competitions!

Freestyle course

SPONS members and non-SPONS members can all sign up for our freestyle course! Under the guidance of experienced trainers, you will learn all about the freestyle in only nine weeks. This course is suitable for both beginners and more advanced swimmers!

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SPONS organises all kinds of activities, such as (theme) drinks, an intro weekend, an international trip, winter sports, ice skating and many other (sports) activities! Want to know when the activities are this year? Then take a look at our annual calendar!

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A fancy gala, a crazy championship party, an anniversary party or the season finale party: of parties SPONSjes never get enough! We even have our own party song: Sexy and I Know it by LMFAO. Why exactly is this song so popular among SPONS members? Then join one of our parties!


Every Thursday after training we all have a drink in our local pub Bobbi’s We also have some themed drinks such as the Halloween drinks or the New Year drinks. A week without a drink is very rare at SPONS!